Are you Desperately Seeking more Financial Freedom and Flexibility?

Extravagantly Broke and how to save money

Hi Friend,

And Welcome to Extravagantly Broke, a Personal Finance and Money Mindset Blog!

I’ll tell you a little about myself in a moment.

But I’d like to begin by talking about you!

Let me guess:

  • You’re unhappy with the current state of your finances?
  • You feel like your life has become a battle against debt…and you’re on the losing side?
  • Or, like you’re always several steps behind your debt and you’re constantly trying to catch up?
  • And, you are just sick and tired of stressing about money?
  • You want the freedom and flexibility to do what you love!

As Benjamin Franklin said:

It’s better to go to bed hungry than to rise in debt

So the next question is, are you ready to take control of your money — instead of being controlled by your money? ARE YOU READY TO START LIVING LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS?

If so, then you’re in the right place!

Extravagantly Broke is a site devoted to the idea that it is possible to Improve Self and Build Wealth! Which means that if you want your circumstances to change — then you must change.

My writing takes a storytelling approach into the mindset of personal finance. I delve deeper to expose the attitudes and behaviors behind our spending impulses.

That’s why changing your money mindset through personal development is key. We must conquer the obstacles and excuses that hold us back from living our dreams.

So the focus of this blog will be to overcome self-imposed limitations and expect greater things from your life. But most importantly, to go after your goals non-stop until you reach them.

I want to help you learn to:

  • Make smarter decisions with your money
  • Utilize money as a resource that works for you and not against you
  • Help you improve your finances and have more flexibility
  • Understand and modify the behaviors that lead to debt
  • Get excited about your life
  • And change your money mentality from broke to abundance.

Every day is a battle. And of course, life continues to put obstacles in your path. But I am fighting the good fight! And I’m well on my way to achieving my financial goals. And I want to help you do the same!

So are you ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck? And are you ready to stop stressing over money?

Then join the fight to reclaim control over your financial future!

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It’s time to stop living the Extravagantly Broke life! And start living your Extravagantly Best life!

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